A hidden objects game in which you should help Diane discover her lost toys

In this hidden objects game you will have to help Diane, your character in this adventure, she makes a time-travel to her earliest childhood, there she has to discover all her lost toys.
Neverland is like a cartoonish landscape comprised of 25 seek-and-find games, with 31 levels in varied locations.
You will find that each level is alive with motion. It's very funny, you will realize that once you recover a toy it will start dancing or talking, you will also have the chance to settle it down.
Even more, it could happen that a toy asks you for items. If you decide to do the request you will earn extra bonus which will be very helpful in order to move forward to the next level and have some extra help, for example, help in finding those hidden objects which are extremely difficult to find.

An interesting thing is that this game doesn't have time request, so, you can play without that time pressure. You will also find some mini games, each funnier than the other.

The graphics of the game are awesome. The scenarios are great. The sound effects are suitable and the soundtrack is nice.

To sum this is an entertaining hidden object game with a creative storyline and colorful graphics.

María Noel Balla
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  • Colorful graphics and great story


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